Building on Faith

What is Building on Faith?

To put it simply, Building on Faith is an opportunity for congregations from all religions to build on their faiths and share their love of community with each other – all while helping to build affordable housing in your community.

In this way, the Building on Faith allows for the celebration of faith partnerships through a Habitat for Humanity construction project. It also creates an opportunity to encourage those of faith to pray for and become advocates for those in need of shelter. Habitat’s mission involves building communities as well as homes. Habitat’s interfaith initiative offers residents the opportunity to extend a hand to their neighbors of other faiths, inviting them to work together to rid the world of poverty housing. Aside from new homes built, the positive interaction among members of different religions encourages mutual trust, inspires hope and ensures the sustainability of interfaith collaboration.

Why Should You Get Involved?

An Interfaith Build is a concrete way to put your faith into action and share God’s love. The project is a service to God that allows you to practice your religion outside of the walls of your faith institution.

How To Get Involved



  • If your faith community has more than five interested participants you’ll want to reserve your own Group Build volunteer day. This means as a faith community you’re going to work on your chosen Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday on our Interfaith Build site. Start by filling out the Group Volunteer Interest Form here if you have not already. Please select that your team is interested in Faith Build.
    • Special Note: The Habitat construction site is an excellent place to explore and strengthen collaborations and understanding. We encourage you to make your Group Build Day an Interfaith Build Day. Let us know how many participants you have signed up and we can extend the invitation to our other faith partners who may want to join you to fill the remaining available volunteer spots for your event.


  • If you have an individual interest in our Interfaith Build, there’s an opportunity for you. We have individual spots available, but they are limited. Saturday’s will fill in advance. Contact Melissa Jay if you want to sign up for one of these spots, or 813-239-2242 ext. 109.

We encourage all those motivated to serve through their faith on the Habitat for Humanity of Hillsborough County site to contribute financially to the construction costs as able. There are a few ways your organization can contribute.


  • Your Faith Organization can become a Sponsor of the 2017 Faith Build. Sponsors of the 2017 Faith Build not only support the construction of the Habitat home but enjoy special sponsor benefits. Please contact Melissa Jay at 813-239-2242 ext. 109 for more information.


We’ve established a collective fund for all our faith partners to pool their resources together and when you make a gift as an individual or as a faith group it is allocated to the Interfaith Build Fund.

To make a contribution today please visit the site below.

How much should my faith community contribute to the Faith Build Fund?

  • This depends on your ability. Any amount helps us build.

Not sure where to start? Here are three ways to contribute: 

  1. Sign up as a Carpenter Circle monthly donor with a sustaining gift of $25 (or more) each month.
  2. Ask for each volunteer to donate before their day on the construction site.
  3. Conduct a special fundraising event! Habitat staff are available to provide guidance.
  4. Hold a special collection before and/or after your Habitat build day.

Every faith community is different – and it’s important to us that we work with each of you individually to establish a healthy and long-lasting partnership for our mission. Imagine if members of the faith communities here in Hillsborough County could come together to build a Habitat for Humanity home each year! This is our goal – we hope you can be a part of it.

Contact VP of Resource Development, Melissa Jay at 813-239-2242 ext. 109 or email to set up a brief consultation where we can review plans and brainstorm ideas of how you can help together.