What is a Future Homeowner?

What is a Future Homeowner?

img_0102-001I am a future homeowner.

I am strong.

I am determined.

I am confident.

I am not afraid to dig in, get dirty and lift others up.

Those words are on each future homeowner’s Sweat Equity t-shirt. They’re not just words, though. They are WHO and WHAT our future homeowners are – Strong. Determined. Confident. Willing to lift others up even though it means sacrificing their time.

Future homeowners are people, like you and me, who have faced adversity and overcame it. For some, adversity has come in the form of living in overcrowded conditions or living in dilapidated, unsafe housing. For others, it has taken the form of leaving a domestic violence situation or deciding that they want a different future for themselves and their children.

Purchasing a home through Habitat is another step in the process of moving forward. Homeownership will empower each homeowner to pay a mortgage they can actually afford and have more stable housing costs from year to year. They will be able to build equity and to have pride in owning a home and creating strong community ties. They will create a legacy for their families that will last for generations. They are future homeowners.