Habitat homeowner reflects on how owning an affordable home has impacted her family.

Habitat homeowner reflects on how owning an affordable home has impacted her family.

Almost five years ago, Charlsene Wilcox’s world turned upside down. The mother of two teens found herself at the center of a perfect storm of misery when a series of events collided and challenged her with personal and financial hardship. One year after achieving her dream of homeownership, Charlsene reflects on how her home has helped stabilize her family.

I was blessed with my house in January 2019.

Part of my story is I went through a divorce, broke my femur bone in a car accident, and I lost my job – all in the same year.

I have four children – two were grown at that time. God used those kids to provide for me for almost a year. The following year, I found a job and my oldest son moved out. My oldest daughter continued living with me to help with the bills because I didn’t make enough money to provide for my kids.

I had to move my family several times due to rent increases. The day came that my daughter expressed she was getting married and was moving out.  Therefore I cried to the Lord to please help me find affordable, safe housing for me and my kids. Praise God, my daughter’s boss told me about Habitat. I applied, completed the program, and now I am a blessed home owner!

Even though I don’t make much money, I can afford to pay all my bills and buy a soda if I’d like to. Please allow me to express how much more this house has done for me and my family. Once I moved in to my house, the daughter who helped provide for me and her little brother and sister found out she was pregnant and her husband was hospitalized and diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.  This house has been a blessing for me and my entire family. Due to this house, my daughter was able to take off work for six months due to gestational Diabetes and care for her sick husband.

I thank God everyday for His many blessings and Habitat is one of the greatest blessings He has given.

Thanks Habitat!

Charlsene Wilcox, Habitat Hillsborough homeowner

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