Habitat homeowner talks about how her home is helping her family cope during the pandemic.

Habitat homeowner talks about how her home is helping her family cope during the pandemic.

Jennifer Rodriguez is a believer. She believes God is at her side. She believes dreams are achievable. She also believes in perseverance and hard work. Having grown up with parents who worked hard to provide a stable family home and the fundamental things children need to thrive, Jennifer had long dreamed of doing the same for her three children. She has always worked hard to provide for them, but found it difficult each month to cover the cost of rent, utilities and all the other living necessities for her family. Due to her modest income, the dream of owning a home was always out of reach. Until she found Habitat. The icing on the cake? Her home was built by our 2019 Faith Build partners and volunteers. After moving in to her home last December, Jennifer reflects on what it has meant to her, especially during these troubled times.

This home has blessed us in more ways that I can say. Mainly it has given my family a safe place to live and share memories in. This experience has personally given me a sense of pride and accomplishment every time I pull into our driveway. It’s proof that hard work and having faith pays off. Owning this home has also helped me with being able to actually save money. Which has definitely been helpful, especially during this time.

I work in healthcare and with all the added stress due to Covid 19 being able to pay my mortgage has not caused a problem yet, thank God. If we were still renting I would be panicking right about now because I was living paycheck to paycheck. Now I have a little savings to help me in this crisis.

Stay safe and healthy everyone! God bless.

– Jennifer Rodriguez, Habitat Hillsborough homeowner