Keep It Local

Keep It Local

Did you know that right here in Hillsborough County, your local Habitat for Humanity affiliate is building more than 10 homes this year? In fact, every year since 1987, Habitat for Humanity of Hillsborough County has been committed to providing affordable housing for hard-working families in our community.

Many Habitat for Humanity supporters are surprised when they discover that, as an independent affiliate, Habitat Hillsborough does not receive funding from Habitat for Humanity International to help our local families. With its focus on funding projects abroad, Habitat International’s work is essential and impacts millions of impoverished families worldwide. However, it is the 1,500 independent U.S. affiliates, like Habitat Hillsborough, that are fulfilling the mission of Habitat in our own country.  Putting faith into action, Habitat Hillsborough is dedicated to serving our “neighbors” in our local community.

Building homes throughout Hillsborough County, to date, Habitat Hillsborough has partnered with 178 families in our homeownership program and helped them achieve stability, setting them on a path to a brighter future.  These neighbors are teachers, bank tellers, health care workers, receptionists, school bus drivers and other hardworking, low-income individuals who need “a hand up, not a handout.” Through Habitat Hillsborough’s program, which includes an affordable mortgage, their dreams of homeownership and a more stable life for their children can become reality. Our partner families are accountable for contributing at least 300 “sweat equity” hours building their homes and those of other Habitat Hillsborough families. In addition, they attend “homeownership preparedness” classes, ranging from personal finance and basic home repair to landscaping and how to be a good neighbor.

Our neighbors – our partner families – work very hard to achieve their dreams. Like Joseph Aubry, who experienced a time of homelessness, but through hard work and dedication obtained two jobs and worked toward his dream of homeownership.  He is paying it forward by helping new homeowners with their sweat equity.  Another of our neighbors, Pricilla Pate, has raised two adopted daughters and is currently raising her nephew and granddaughter and has helped raise five of her brother’s ten children.  Although she was the baby of the family, Pricilla has been the one who pulls her family back together.  To Pricilla, “home” is more than just a structure.  It means stability – not having to move her family whenever a landlord decides to sell the place in which they live.  Now her children and grandchildren have a place they can call Grandma’s house.  These are just a couple of examples of the 178 families who have benefited from the work of Habitat Hillsborough, the generosity of its donors, and the volunteers who contribute their time on the build sites.

We invite you, as a Habitat for Humanity supporter, to get involved with what Habitat is doing right here in your own community, learn more and invest in the future of our local organization. Please let us know you’re interested in getting more involved by giving us a call me at 813-239-2242 extension 108 or email  You can also learn more about us by visiting .

With your support, we can continue to further our mission, and make the greatest impact right here, at home.

Let’s Build!

Tina Swain

Chief Executive Officer