Veteran Build homeowner talks about how life has changed with his affordable home.

Veteran Build homeowner talks about how life has changed with his affordable home.

Last December, we dedicated our 2019 Veterans Build home for Vincent Smith.  A U.S. Air Force vet, Vincent’s deployments took him to Qatar and Afghanistan.  After serving, he resumed civilian life in Tampa where he holds a department store security position as a Loss Prevention Investigator.  He also cares for his younger brother who has a rare form of cancer. Prior to becoming a Habitat Hillsborough homeowner, the apartment Vincent could afford did not have suitable access for his brother, Caleb, who is wheelchair bound.  The rental also had several chronic maintenance issues including a serious mold problem.  A homeowner now for the past four months, Vincent talks about how his and Caleb’s lives have changed.

Having an affordable home has been the biggest blessing in a long time. It has given my family and me a lot more peace and stability, as well as other things.

The location of my home is perfect. It’s very convenient to our needs, peaceful, has better scenery and keeps us more intact with our Tampa community. It has provided a great fresh new start in life, and has already helped us financially, physically, spiritually, and mentally.

It’s not just a house, it’s a HOME and it’s feeling more and more like one everyday. As the flowers in our garden blossom beautifully each day, so does the love for this home. 

Especially in these trying times that we are all going through. With Covid-19 here, being in this home also gives us a way bigger peace of mind. Isolation here isn’t so bad. We are too busy decorating to be bored and the environment won’t even let me have a negative mindset.

I am greatly humbled and appreciative for this home. Again, thanks to every heart, mind, body, and soul who contributed to our home in any kind of way. You all will always be remembered with love. 

Peace & Love,
The Smith Family

NOTE:  If you are a veteran in need of affordable shelter, we will be building another Veterans Cottage in the fall. We could be building for YOU! To learn more about program requirements, please visit our Homeowner Services pages.