Veteran Writes About Habitat Hillsborough’s Home Preservation Program

Veteran Writes About Habitat Hillsborough’s Home Preservation Program

During our Veterans Week of Service, Nov. 5th – 11th, Navy veteran Tim Healy was one of seven veteran homeowners whose homes received exterior repairs and renovations by our Home Preservation Program team led by HPP Manager Jeremy Cooke and nearly 100 volunteers who came out to help. Five weeks later we were pleasantly surprised when Tim came out to our Veterans Build home construction site to give back by helping install doors on the home we are building for Air Force veteran Vincent Smith.

Below is the letter we received from Tim about his experience with HPP.

I was one of the veterans who was fortunate enough to have a crew of volunteers come to my house to paint the exterior and install a fence in the backyard for the Veterans Home Preservation service project on Saturday, November 9th. I wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out! I have volunteered with Habitat for many years and never expected to be on the receiving end of volunteering.

I was out of town when things were underway and had no idea of what to expect when I returned. I know sometimes volunteering is a fun and light event and everyone does what they can in the allotted timeframe and that’s enough. I was totally taken by the quality of the work and more impressed by the attention to detail in every phase of the work done on my place. Just the fact that everything was accomplished in one day was quite impressive. Who knew you would be sending the A-Team?

Veteran Tim Healy helps out on the Veterans Build home.

Please pass along to Belcan Construction, The Mission Continues and any others in attendance my gratitude for the great work they did on my house. I could not be happier with the results and the crew’s professionalism! Job well done folks! Thank you!

All the best,

Timothy Healy, U.S. Navy Veteran

Click HERE to learn more about our Home Preservation Program, serving income-eligible veterans and the general public.