Meet the Connell Family

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For the Connell family their story as Habitat homeowners is a story of success. Laura Connell and her young kids were once homeless, living in substandard homes, and constantly on the move from one place to another in pursuit of shelter they could afford. Fourteen years after purchasing their Habitat home, the family has stabilized and is thriving. All four children graduated high school and all are employed.

Laura is proud of the path her children are on as adults. Her son, who was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, has learned to understand his disability and strive toward success as an adult. He completed college two years ago and is employed in the automotive industry. One of her daughters was diagnosed with ADD and she also learned to cope with her disability and will graduate next year from a medical assistance program. Her other daughter is a licensed real-estate agent and is one semester shy from earning her AA degree, while another daughter Nichole has worked full-time at a retail store for the past two years.

Having a Habitat home broke the cycle of insecurity and hardship for the Connell family. “Times have always been rough paying bills, however, having the affordable mortgage helped my family maintain stability despite whatever obstacles came our way,” said Laura. Their Habitat home grounded the family and helped ease their financial struggles so Laura could focus on raising her children to become the well-rounded adults they are today.

“As a single parent of four children, we had some hard times, sad times, fun times, happy times, family nights and omg, it’s-10-at-night-and-your-special-project-is-due-tomorrow times. There was never a dull moment. However, we were able to go HOME at the end of each day no matter what life threw at us.” 

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